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culture vulture May 22 to 28 - events in Colombo

Culture Vulture Colombo© is a selective, non exhaustive, noncomprehensive
listing of Colombo’s cultural offering, updated on an ad-hoc basis, and
mailed out absolutely free. Its views are un-biased but totally subjective. If you would like to list a non-political event here, please send us an e-mail. Please
confirm show-times etc. with event organisers, as Artistes and venue
owners alike tend to lead interesting and at times chaotic lives. To offset the environmental pollution caused by printing books, Perera Hussein grows trees in
Puttalam – Sri Lanka’s semiarid zone. Protected content

WEEKLY ROUND UP 22 TO 28 MAY Protected content
On going
EXHIBITION, Loot from the Loft –
Assorted work for viewing &
for sale. To 30/5
V: Barefoot Gallery (FREE)
T: Protected content

EXHIBITION, Life Acrylic on
canvas paintings by Rohan
Amarasinghe. To 24/5
V: Saskia Fernando Gallery
T: Protected content
22 May (Tue)

15:00 & 18:30 MOVIE, La
Petite Jerusalem – a beautiful
young Jewish woman falls in
love with a Muslim co-worker.
(FREE) to 23/5
V: Allaince Fr. Colombo

24 May (Thu)
17:00 LECTURE, Out of Africa
& the Significance of the South
Asian Archaeological record. By
prof. Michael
Petraglia of the Uni. of Oxford

Mythil’s Secret (Rs. Protected content
Prashani Rambukwella
“Go outside
and play Mythil,” standard
mother’s command.
“With who” ponders Mythil?
He knows this is all a shallow
prelude to his parent’s regular
squabbling which is nothing
but “pus wedilli” that he sees
often. Starts at nothing and
ends up covering everything
from who ran up the phone
bill to why Archchi should be
gifted apple juice and then
they hold hands, Ammi and
Thaththi, cease fire negotiateed
and all quiet on the home
Such is the conversation of
the book, of day to day family
feuds and banter that we
know so well; easy to relate to
and all so familiar to a child
Author Rambukwella has got
into the imaginative mind of
a pre-teenage boy and has
given a wonderful story for
children with a lot of local
Winner of a previous year’s
Gratiaen Prize. Available
everywhere books are sold.
19:00 MUSIC, Chamber Music
Plus- Mahler, Schubert etc. w/
Lakshman Joseph de Saram.
V: Goethe Hall (TKTS: Rs. Protected content
T: Protected content
Prize Protected content from the shortlist
of: Mariam Riza, Charulatha
Thewarathanthri, Lucky de
Chickera, Malinda Seneviratne
& Madhubashini Ratnayake.
What are the odds? Two of
them have been shortlisted
before; two new writers and
one veteran with two books
under his belt.
V: (by invitation G. Trust)

28 May (Mon)
19:00 DANCE, Another
Tempest # 4, an adaptation of
Shakespeare & Aime Cesare’s
une tempete, recited on a music
collage of live percussion juxtaposed
w/ western classical
music. Choreography Nalin
Maligaspe, Dramaturgy Asoka
de Zoysa. (TKTS Protected content Protected content
V: Warehouse Project
T: Protected content
V: 96 Nelum Pokuna Mw.

19:30 PLAY, Cast as Mother – a
Reading – based on the
experience & writings of 13
women on motherhood.
Ruwanthi de Chickera, Tracy
Holsinger etc.

V: Lionel Wendt
T: Protected content invitations)

25 May (Fri)
18:30 LECTURE, Geoffrey Bawa
Memorial Lecture – on Praxis,
delivered by Indian architect
Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai.
V: Ananda College (Kularatne)
T: Protected content

18:30 MOVIE, The Pianist
Award winning
Roman Polanski film showing
Szpilman as a holocaust
survivor. Starring Brody.
V: Russian Centre (Rs. Protected content

26 May (Sat)
EXHIBITION, Skzin & Bones,
art & design by Dr. Milinda
Salpitikorala (FREE) To 27/5
V: Lionel Wendt (HPG)

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