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Distressing treatment of puppies at aquarium shop (Colombo)


Dear all,

We went to the Negombo aquarium shop in Kurana (on the Colombo Rd, opposite Perera & Sons bakery) yesterday to buy a few more fish for our pond.

While we were there, I noticed two puppies in a crate in front of the shop. Both looked rather underfed and weak, but most importantly -- they had NO WATER. I had to make a bit of a fuss inside the shop until someone gave them water in their bowl. Also, the wire crate the pups were in was almost impossible for them to stand up and move around in because of the huge gaps in the wires on the bottom.

I know what pet shops can be like in certain parts of the world, and I know I can't save every poor animal, but the least I can do is make people aware of situations like this, where puppies are obviously being bred to sell and subsequently mistreated.

Kind regards,

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