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Global Climate Strike--Join our Deep Time Walk (Colombo)


When: This Friday, Sept 20, at 5pm-7pm. The guided walk is 2 hours

Where: Viharamahadevi Park, meeting in front of the Buddha Statue that faces City Hall on F. R. Senanayake Mawatha. Look for the Deep Time Walk sign.

What is deep time?
A human lifetime is small Protected content 100 years) compared to the unfathomable vastness of Earth’s geological time which is measured in millions of years! Deep time is difficult to comprehend - but the Deep Time Walk experience helps people grasp this important concept. You can find out more about deep time on the Wikipedia page.

What is a deep time walk?
The Deep Time Walk is a physical walk of 4.6km where you travel across Earth's 4.6 billion year timeline at a rate of one million years per metre. Starting at the formation of the solar system and the creation of Earth, a Deep Time Walk covers significant events in Earth's deep history, including the formation of the Moon, plate tectonics, the early evolution of life, dinosaurs and much more. For more information on the Deep Time Walk, visit

Why should someone undertake a deep time walk?
The walk helps put into context humanity's rich ancestral heritage and gives an insight into the interconnectedness of all life. It helps people get a bodily sense of the vast amount of time it has taken life to evolve. Finally, it explores the destructive impact of our species is having on the integral functioning of our living world. All this knowledge is crucial to drive positive action and instill radical hope to drive behaviour changes that will help mitigate the severe consequences of our collective climate emergency.

Kaira Jewel Lingo, a mindfulness teacher and earth justice activist, (who has experienced Deep Time Walks led by their creator, Dr. Stephan Harding of Schumacher College) will be offering a guided Deep Time Walk in Colombo on Friday Sept 20th at 5pm. Learn more about Kaira Jewel at

Participants should wear comfortable clothing, appropriate shoes for walking, and bring water. The event is free of charge.

Deep time provides "a radical perspective, provoking action not apathy ... [it] is the catalysing context of intergenerational justice; it is what frames the inspiring activism of Greta Thunberg and the school climate-strikers, and the Sunrise campaigners pushing for a Green New Deal in America. A deep-time perspective requires us to consider not only how we will imagine the future, but how the future will imagine us. It asks a version of Jonas Salk’s arresting question: “Are we being good ancestors? ” Robert MacFarlane

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