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Sri lankan Tourism ambassoder programme (Colombo)

dear Friends

As I work closely with Tourism promotion bureau .............together with a german lady ( ms. francisca Fidel ) attach to embassy planning to propose this Sri lankan Tourism ambassadar has many objectives ................its desighn in such a way that it benifits expats as well sri lanka community ......................for expat side .As the 1st step lets organize lectures ( there is already ongoing lecture series they like to absorb us ) free lets help expat friends to explore amazing things in this land ..ex - Birds Migration , Gems .when things organize well we can arange trips often visit nice places .
you may know sri lanka is a naturally rich beautiful place .... so many amazing things in this land ...apart from sea beach .what are not known by so many .lets explore these things ......make others also known about these
1 worlds highest elephant gathering is here about Protected content 400 gather every year in august sept
you will be amazed - can see them in minnderiya why they gather like this

2 amazing crafts - do you know still spects are made with glass stones here hand made

3 amazing people - do you know there is a african village here with Protected content like this so many amazing things ..........its a small universe ..later lets introduce a previledge card get special discounts etc when U buy gems etc ...with your ideas lets plan tourism events with Promotion Bureau ........

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may your dreams come true

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