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The Lonely Hearts Club (Colombo)

Well..I've been debating about starting this for some time. Initially, I held myself back thinking about what people would think of me (read weirdo). And I've constructed several hypotheses around that. But that would be a different topic of discussion on which I can rant for hours together, but not now.
Anyway, ever since I've been in Colombo, I've found myself without the company of friends (or acquaintances) and without enough activities that I could do by myself to keep myself busy (outside work of course). Initially it was good to have some 'me' time. But it soon started becoming a ME, MYSELF and MY other SELF time and started getting on my nerves, to the extent that I would randomly approach people in public places to have a conversation with others of my species. And it probably does not require much guessing about what the outcomes were in such situations.
I like the fact that people like Anu try to organize get-togethers once a month. And then there's a mailing list, where people post about events from time to time. However, as always, it's the classic example of supply and demand. There are fewer stuff to do than the supply of 'free' time at hand (Okay, I admit that I am of the restless kind).
So, here I am..on this gloomy Sunday morning, staring at the sea and thinking about life in general (in other words- I am confused). And I cannot but agree more to the golden words by Bryan Adams, "It's now or never" (yes, the Summer of 69 is one of my all time favourites and probably one of the few songs that I can actually sing).

Coming back to the point. I declare the 'Lonely Hearts Club of Colombo' to be officially open from today onwards. Feel free to join me and others in a similar situation in life. You'll be amazed to find that you are not the only weirdo on this planet. In fact during some of my misadventures, I've come across a few (like me of course) myself.

So here's how, I plan to run it. I will be posting about stuff that I would be doing on this thread. Anyone is welcome to join me. (I would be doing it by myself in any case..but the company of a living being would be greatly welcome). You are welcome to post your own events as well from time to time and thereby save me the burden of being creative every time.

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