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Dual Citizenship! (Copenhagen)

In Sweden,Norway,Holland and other countries Dual citizenship is allowed. By that I mean that
a person can become a Danish Citizen without having to give up their own citizenship. Now that might seem a litte strange to many danes but it actually is that way already but in a unfair sort of way. If a person comes from many contries in the middle east and africa and has live long enough in Denmark to become Danish all they do is go to their embassy and get a letter that states that they have given their citizenship up when in reality,according to the rules of the country they were born in,they cannot. The letter is only issued to satisfy the Danish authorities and has no legal meaning where they come from. In other words they are still a citizen of their birth country anyway. This is unfair to people who come from countries that take dropping ones citizenship seriouly like for example the U.S. where I come from but there are also many other countries where if a person drops their citizenship it is real and forever.
This rule is also unfair because Danes born in Denmark can become a citizen of another country and they do not have to drop their Danish citizenship. My 2 kids are citizens of the U.S. and Denmark but that is OK because they are born here.
I have lived here in Denmark for 25 years and I would like to know when that rule about being required to drop ones citizenship to become Danish will be done away with. I know NyAlliance has that in their party program. I hope they make a law proposal this year. After all if Sweden and Norway can do it why not Denmark_ Protected content

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