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Estimated food budget for Copenhagen

Hello all,

I am looking for info about food costs in Copenhagen and if anyone can share some tips, I'd really appreciate it.

We currently live in the US (NC) and my daughter is a junior in college. She will be in Copenhagen starting in mid-August for a junior-year-abroad program. She will live in an apartment building/dorm along with other students. The cost of lodging arrangements in Copenhagen is included in the tuition I pay in the US, but students will have to take care of their own meals in Denmark. My daughter will have access to a kitchen in her dorm, and I am trying to find out how much she should budget for monthly food expenses. I have told her she'll need to "tighten her belt" as food is more expensive in Europe than in the US. I am not asking her to eat pasta with butter every day, but at the same time she wouldn't (or rather, shouldn't) eat out for every meal or stop by a coffee shop 4 times daily. Sending her on this year-long program is a bit of a financial stretch for us, but I think being immersed in another culture will open up her mind and help her realize there are other countries and customs outside of the US.

So if you have a ballpark figure for food costs my daughter should expect, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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