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Should I get a Danish green card? (Copenhagen)

Hello everyone,

I'm sure threads like this are a dime a dozen, but I really need good advice. I hope someone with knowledge or experience in this area can help me. I don't have any personal contacts in Denmark (yet!). I have nothing but this community.

My wife and I really want to relocate to Denmark. We are big believers in the Nordic model of society and want to raise kids with the opportunities it presents. (Please don't read between the lines that we want to leech off the welfare system, as that is far from the case.)

I'm an American and my wife is Chinese. We have two very young kids. I can get exactly Protected content toward the card, so I should be able to secure one. I have a Master's degree in teaching English as a second language and several years experience as a lecturer at a university in Tokyo. I'm not a lightweight ESL teacher with a certificate (no offense to any certificate holders).

I know Danish people speak English extremely well. Still, there must be SOME demand for highly professional native speaking teachers with American accents. Does anybody know if this market is highly saturated, or how good my prospects would be of finding something? I'd be thrilled to work at a university, of course, but more than satisfied with a language school such as Berlitz, and willing to work anywhere in the country.

If this seems like a plausible move, maybe someone could suggest the best area of the country in which to pursue work?

I have studied some Norwegian and plan to study Danish quite intensely prior to making the move.

If anyone is highly knowledgeable about the green card system, especially if you've gone through the process, I'd love if you would message me and give me some of your time and knowledge. I have many other questions, but this post is too long already.

I'll be eternally grateful for any help.


(As a bonus, you're welcome to come stay with me in Tokyo and I'll happily show you around!)

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