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SURVEY - World events for ACT is making an survey (Copenhagen)

Economic empowerment of women through creative arts

This project aim is supporting women’s engagement through creative arts .
For this projects requires a group of women from 50 up to 100. women's from all nationalities, that are located in Copenhagen and around Copenhagen area.
World event for ACT offers unpaid training for these women's for 18 months. once per a week, can be possible in the weekend or during the week days, up to the group accessibility .
The participants will be trained on developing creative and innovative handcrafts products .
All handcraft products will be exposed in souvenir shop where this product up for sale. Half of the earnings from these products will be given to the women's in appreciation for their work.
This training desires in helping participants through life skills training and advocacy support, in order to improve their status, well- being and at the same time reduce household poverty.
The overall goal of the project is to reduce poverty by increasing access to services that support the women’s social and economic empowerment.
This way of trainings plays a greater role in connecting the women within the local community, including social enterprise and business, thus enhancing their opportunities to find a job, or to start their own business.
Come,join us and be a part of a great team work, socialize, meet women from all nations and spend some fun time together.
All interested women's for this project can contact as :

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Natasha Dimitrovska
Co-Founder at World events for ACT
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