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The Game that We are All Playing Together (Copenhagen)

The Journey to Living Free

There are clusters of souls. We are all spread across the world.

Proximal relationships are NOT the only relationships we have, and demanding acceptance, care and love in these relationships have proven we are indeed staging a mirror based show. Mirrors show us what we are emitting. Mirrors show us what we need to include, what we are here for. Mirrors remind us what can we do in the presence of induced change, a change that must take place in our energetic bodies before reacting.

Two ways to play the game:

You do it proactively (human awareness).

You do it reactively (animal instinct).

There are 4 ways in which we explore our presence during the game, our state of bioenergetic force:

1- Receive just for the sake of receiving
2- Give just for the sake of receiving

1- Give just for the sake of Giving
2- Receive just for the sake of Giving

The last two are the ones that will lead humanity to live in a civilization type I.

We look for external forces to fulfill that which can only be filled by us, in the act of emitting the radiance of our spiritual power.
In the moment you accept this is a game, then and only then, can you finally begin to train your other senses. And life really begins when you awaken from the dream and illusion of separateness.

With certainty, there are those who have had the extraordinary experiences of getting out of body, of intuition that leads to amazing discoveries and re-calling, and of remembering that you not only lived before in different bodies, but that you are meeting again some of the gamers whom are eager to reconnect.

Nothing ever closes, because there is only a force of inclusiveness. Nothing ever finishes because there is no finite journey.

You slow down your adventure by conserving energy, by generating and accumulating density. The more you emit fear the further you are from the light that frees you from illusion.

You can only see if fear is not clouding your senses.

Are you ready to consciously play the game fully? With a curiosity for the restoring power of your other senses? Are you ready to find out more about the way you can use the cards you were dealt with?
If 50% of the game depends exclusively on truly knowing that it is a game, then the other 50% depends on how you are going to play it.

Rules are only relative, since the majority of them can be broken purposely to access synchronicity.

Have you noticed? when you do something out of the ordinary how the game improved? how your so called “coincidences” are always leading to another clue of the biggest puzzle you are building?
Pieces are always along the path of bliss, the true joy that comes naturally from your willingness to live outside the confort zone, outside the limiting beliefs that creates isolation and distress.

We have been blindfolded for so long. Translating reality with five senses while feeling incomplete, feeling lonely and always repeating the phrase of “this does not make any sense”.
Well, yes it doesn’t, because the senses you were using to de-codify the reality were the ones that cant do it.

Now Intuition, Anticipation, Envisioning, sensing beyond the skin, and taking responsibility, or better say: being able to come out with an answer, being able to respond proactively when our lives are challenged.

Since there is only ONE prime matter we are all made of, first we need to accept that we are here in the game, playing all together for the purpose of blending again, accessing the essence that pull us together.
All challenges bring within a supportive energy ready to be drawn, accepted and enjoyed. Let us always remember that in this game, if we hurt ourselves we are hurting others, our environment, our communities, countries, the continent, and the planet.
With our attitudes and energies in motions (e-motions) we are constantly beaming through our bio-energetic bodies.

more to come... connect with me if you feel this

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