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Residency in Argentina (Cordoba)

Help! I am US citizen married to Argentine and have a house in the province for past ten years. I have been trying to obtain residency but everytime I apply, there seems to be something wrong with paperwork. I have the paperwork checked again (at immigration) and the paperwork is OK but something else wrong that was previously OK. Latest was National Police Check. Between getting FBI fingerprint check and sending off for Apostille and then translation with Colegio de Traductors, process takes more than six months. Today I am told the papers have to be within 3 months and the near $500.00 spent not including including travel and lodging is null. This goes for marrige certificates, local police and residency checks all have had similar experience. Immigration says they cannot tell me how to solve this problem but that I should talk to the Mormons (this floored me). This is a ten year never ending story of chasing your tail and I am exhausted from the game. I have had my visa extended another three months but looking to sell house, and all possesions collected over 50 years and abandon the country and start from zero in someplace that is more friendly. Has anyone had luck with this process? Is there a lawyer that handles immigration issues that I can just pay?

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