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Celebrating the Fall of the German Wall (Dallas)


Dear Friends,
I had planned to have a House warming party for quite some time now that I actually have furniture in all the rooms of my house :-) .. And so I was looking for a reason and my good friend Jacqueline mentioned that it has been 20 years that the Berlin Wall fell.... what a great idea to celebrate... and as it should be it should be a truly international event as the fall of the Berlin Wall (and the associated changes in all of Eastern Europe) signifies the removal of the last impediment to a truly global world...What a great reason to have a party ;-)

My friend Jacqueline is preparing Hungarian Goulash Soup, there will be cheese snacks, and I am sure we will be able to find a bit of wine. If there is anything else you care to eat or drink, please bring it yourself.

I would imagine that it it is a bit late in the year to jump into the pool, but if you intend to do so, be my guest :-) Just be warned, there is no defibrillator available. So, if you are susceptible to cold water induced heart attacks, please bring your own... a towel and a heating blanket may be useful as well... :-)

Please drop me a note or call if you intend to come.... There will be no attendance records and the Department of Home Land Security assured me that surveillance activities for this day will be curtailed.... just kidding (I hope). I would like to have an idea though of how many people I can expect...

Date: Saturday, November 21, Protected content

Time: starting at 18:30, that is 6:30 pm for the Non-Europeans

Location: will be emailed to all that RSVP "Yes" - about 1 mile from the Intersection of George W. Bush and I-35 East.

phone number: Protected content , email: Protected content

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