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Internations Direct Contact (Dallas)


Can someone please help advise me here.

I have spent the ENTIRE DAY trying to close down my Internations Dallas account down. REASON? because I am going to move to San Diego CA therefore I have joined there group with intentions of TRYING to make some friends there BEFORE I leave TX so at least I will have friends there which makes sense.

So I signed up to Internations SAN DIEGO and used my NEW email address....BUT...and it's not only a BIG BUT, but has become a complete nightmare of nightmares. Instead the DALLAS INTERNATIONS has somehow OVER RIDDEN the info I set up for San Diego and it is still using my old email address and information?????
This is very wrong!

So I paid for a computer engineer to come here and sort this mess out for me. He spent over 2 hours and it cost me over$300. including the initial call out fee. So now I am down financially.

He tried everything as I did to try obtain a contact number to call, but nothing?

All I want is to CLOSE DOWN the Dallas Account and stay with the San Diego Account but of course it is not allowing me to do so and every time we try opening the Sand Diego Account what do you think comes up??? DALLAS?

Just what is going on here?

So why is it not accepting my new email address?

The engineer gave up in the end just like I did and the day was entirely wasted as I have literally spent my entire day trying to sort this mess out when I have got better things and more important things to be getting on with.

Will somebody within Internations please help me get this horrible mess sorted out otherwise I will have to quit on the whole idea of Internations altogether.

So much for me making friends over in Sand Diego before I leave here.

Why do you not have a contact telephone number or a direct email address for people to contact Internations when a problem like this arises?

I have read on Gooogle other people too have experienced the same problems.

Hopefully someone will get back to me to get this sorted.

Thank you


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