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Motorcycle / Scooter Parking Petition (Dallas)

As some of you may already know, in my "day job", I am heavily involved with motorcycle media.

That being said, I am actively involved in requesting the Dallas City Council implement designated motorcycle/scooter parking. I don't know if you've noticed how many more bikes there are on the road in recent weeks -- it's not just because it's summer - it's because sales are skyrocketing due to the gasoline prices.

That being said, more people are realizing that we have designated SUV and compact car parking, but nothing for the bikes. We get cited if we park on sidewalks - we don't park there to be rude, we park there to keep the bikes safe from theft. Two strong guys could pick my Harley up and place her in the back of a pickup so just imagine how easy a sport bike or scooter would be.

Also, car drivers often get miffed at us for taking up an entire car parking space or meter -- but we have no choice because there's no where else to park. less than two weeks, we have had more than Protected content sign the petition and I am asking that anyone here on the InterNations Dallas board to please sign as well.

The city is already looking into this issue due to the media attention we've received but we must do more and that's where your signature helps!

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