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Texas Driver's License (Dallas)

Dear Internations Community, DFW,

Like many people who have posted here I'm relocating to Dallas for the first time very soon from the UK.

I would like to get some tips on buying a used/pre-owned economy sized car and whether anybody had any recommendations for the most reliable budget cars/dealerships? Initially my aim is to be lower than $4,500 USD.

I read from another user on this forum that often has special offers for low cost car insurance so I will investigate with them.

The other question I had relates to my driver's license. I understand that within 90 days I have to apply for a Texas driver's license. Must you get this before you can be in a position to buy a car? In order to "convert" from a UK/European license to a Texas license will I have to trade in my existing license or take any examinations?
In the past when I have rented a car, my UK license has been acceptable but I understand it is different as I will actually living in Dallas this time.

I appreciate any pointers out there.


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