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Work Visa for Canadians (Dallas)

Hi all,

I tried to look for a similar thread but couldn't find it so here I am creating this one.

I am a Canadian citizen moving to Dallas to look for work. I am having some hard time find a job in Toronto. I have few close family members in Dallas to I thought that I'd try mu luck there as well.

I was lucky enough to already have a chat with few potential employers in Dallas, however, they don't sponsor anyone (darn), but they did mention that I can work as a "independent contractor". After doing my research and talking to few people around, I found out that my only option in the "TN Visa". Now I don't have any fancy degree, I only have my undergrad from a university of Toronto, however I have over 9 years of professional experience in Sales and business development with a fortune Protected content based out of Toronto.
My question to any Canadian who recently have got that TN visa or ever worked under that visa. How was that process like? All you needed was a job offer letter from your potential employer? considering I don't really have a fancy degree, what if a potential employer only writes a basic job offer letter, would that be enough for me to get a TN visa?
and is that as simply as going to the CAN/US border and applying for it?
OR if anyone has any other suggestions.

I would highly appreciate your advise and suggestions.

Thank you very much.

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