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New expat in Denver coming next summer

Hi all,

I'm a french mother of a 5 years old boy, currently living in Morocco. I'll be moving to Denver for work very soon, probably around late spring or beginning of summer.

I'd like to ask you a few questions about basics in Denver.

For example, which neibourhoods are the best and how much should I expect to pay a rent?

How much would cost a nanny for my 5 years old son (I'm a dovorced mother so I will need help to take care of him when I work) ? How much for school? Food and other stuffs like phone, gas and so on? It seems I won't be able to buy a car immediatly for lack of credit. How much should I expect to pay an old car cash or a leasing per month?

As you see, I need to learn about well... Everything ! ;) My guess is life very different in Denver than in Casablanca, so, I'd be gratefull for any advice you may have.

Thanks a lot, looking forward to living in Denver ! ;)

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