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Documentary film crew is looking for locals (Detroit)

I am working as an assistant director for Sabrina Wulff and her feature documentary “Sunken Dreams” (working title) about the living and working conditions of Detroit auto workers.

Based on two generations of middle class workers in the struggling car industry our feature length documentary wants to show the repercussions on families, their once relatively unworried middle-class life that seems to be shaken to its very foundations, nowadays often ruled by existential fear. Protected content
What happens within humans who are about to lose their American dream for which they kept working hard as upstanding and proud citizens all their lives? What happens within families with their various generations if something that structured their life, their rhythm, that gave them social recognition is about to break away?
Over the course of half a year (with two shooting periods) we would like to portrait families with this fate that at best trigger action in the very unique and admirable American way.
At the moment we are looking for Skype interviews with family members in their forties and fifties and in their teens and twenties connected with the car industry, who still have work, are about to lose work or are out of work for quite some time now to get a deeper impression on the situation, the pressure they have to live with every day.
By the end of April till the end of May, the film team will come to Detroit for the first shooting period (the second shooting period is planned in September/October for another 4 weeks) and until then we hope to have found families who are eager to share their thoughts and everyday lives on a deeper level with us, will welcome us in their houses, invite us into their family lives, their everyday fears and worries they share among each other– with us (a small team of three) as silent observers with the camera.
Furthermore we are looking for a person on site who knows the city and it`s people, who can show us around and support us during the shooting period.

I would be very grateful for pointers in the right direction...
Thank you very much in advance.

Many greetings from Munich,

Mona Walch
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