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Expats, esp from west - do you feel safe in Dhaka?

Hello, apologies if this question annoys anyone because I imagine it may get asked often - I searched the forum and only found posts that are from some time ago.

So my question - given the violence happening recently do you feel safe in Dhaka as an expat?

I will be relocating there soon - or at least considering it. I realize that statistically speaking, Dhaka is probably a safe place to be... BUT, just from a psychological perspective, I want to be able to go out without having to constantly be "on guard" if that makes sense.

So... is this possible? Do you honestly feel safe out and about? It seems most foreigners live in Gulshan, or other posh neighborhoods and have private car/ driver?

Is it possible to live outside of this bubble safely? Has your behavior changed recently, doing anything differently? Or maybe I should say... NOT doing things that you used to?

Every Bangladeshi I talk to says it's fine, but the news lately seems to be telling a different story.

Again - I'm not interested in starting any debate or offending anyone just sincerely concerned and looking for your candid opinion. Thank you.

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