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In Dhaka on a mission

We are a young couple from Germany who travelled the world for the last 1,5 years and now settled for the not-so-easy mission of starting a fashion brand.
We don't want to just make some money. We want to change the world. At least a little bit. That's why it is so important for us to find suppliers who offer fair conditions to their workers and we want to work together with local charities to support the local communities. We found great people and opportunities in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Now we want to go to Bangladesh!!

We are really excited. It seems Dhaka will be a much greater challenge than even India was at its peak-times and we would be super grateful for any tips and hints! We need to find fair manufacturers of fashion and we want to find great charities to donate some of our profits to.

Also we would love to experience some true Bengali culture.

We'd love to hear any tips, hints and advice you may have.
If anyone would be up to meet up for a drink and chat a little bit about your experience living in Dhaka, we’d love to hear your stories, just drop us a message !

Thanks so much,

Isabell & Johannes

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