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Life and experiences in expatriate country (Dhaka)

Hello everybody ,
This is Abbas.

I Lived in Saudi Arabia for the first years of my life.Actually grew up there in the boom time of late seventies to early nineties.

I remember glimpses of my childhood.Women used to sell gold coins on the street on piece of cloth.At prayer time,they used to cover the gold coins with another cloth and go to prayer.No body would touch it.

I am taking about Protected content Jeddah.Later we destroyed this Utopian land.I think we educated them and introduced a lot things.

I never thought security was a major issue in a persons life.I was secure and it was government's duty to protect us.

We used to think life was boring,but i miss the utopian land of Jeddah of the 80's.

But it has disadvantages,since it makes you somewhat special',a breed called NRI,NRP,NRB...etc.
NRI-non resident get it.
I wonder what the call people of USA,UK,EUROPE,who lived or lives in another country as expatriates----NRA,NRBR,NRE......Just a thought.

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