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Hello all and greetings. A friend of mine is planning a visit to Dhaka for a week and requested me to get her information regarding the port entry visa upon arrival at the Dhaka Airport. As Bangladesh does not have any diplomatic mission in NZ she could not get any info regarding this matter. I tried calling the Consul office of NZ here in Dhaka and they could not give me any answer either(I wonder why they even exist!!) The High Commission of Bangladesh in Australia got her more confused really. According to them she can fly without a visa and apply for a entry visa however they strongly advice that she gets a visa from them as (here's the funny part) immigration officers at the Dhaka Airport are extremely tormenting and might give her a lot of trouble for flying in without a visa. She's a bit worried and confused as what to do as she's flying within a week to attend a friends wedding in Dhaka and to process the visa from Australia takes almost a week and half. Btw, she's traveling with a toddler and her 10 year old daughter.

I would appreciate it,If someone who is a New Zealander and has entered Bangladesh with a port entry visa could inform me the real scenario.

Thank you. Best regards,

M. Hassan.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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