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visit to USA---nostalgia------part 1 (Dhaka)

The US used to attract the young generation of the 80's as holly wood serials were very famous and I guess they had lot of influence in making USA attractive destination,either for education,career or immigration.

i did go first accompanied with my dad and brother for just a tour.I thought the street and sidewalks would be much better than in JEDDAH.

Boy,I WAS WRONG,THEY have beggars,alleys in New York.
They called themselves HOME LESS.Reminded of phrase --OLD Wine in new...

Hey they had cracks in NY STREETS ,WOW.
Thats not all,saw a pretty jacket and my dad bought for me.i WAS HAPPY,UNTIL i BROUGHT THE JACKET HOME.It was made in Bangladesh,which is a high quality brand.

I could not predict that then in Protected content .

There were memories of Atlanta Airport,---I broke an aquarium full of water,my dad had to pay for it.I was surprised he was nice about it.

Chicago,- Protected content I knew about it.
well Chicago sears,tallest building in the world-- Protected content .
Song --Chicago,she was the meanest cat in Shicago .
----Boney M.

Well,we went finally to Chicago Sears,I TIMED USING MY CASIO watch ,about 70 seconds to be exact,time took from ground floor to the top.

We went to EAST WEST university,I didnt get admitted,didnt like Chicago.
ALSO we ate in the restaurant below Chicago SEARS,as we paid and planned on leaving,I searched for waitress,she was not there.
SO we were leaving,just the blond waitress shows up and goes,Excuse me,did nt you like service.I said,yeah it was ok.She asked,where is MY TIP. .We gave her tip.

Went to Houston,Texas,temperature and people were nice,so I chose to study there.The university said,I could stay in u=US,and I didnt nedeed to go back to Saudi to get a student visa.I told my dad,I had to say good bye to my mother.-- Protected content

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