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'Corporate Treasure Manager' needed.. (Doha)

One of the multi-national Companies in Qatar is looking for a 'Corporate Treasure Manager' with responsibilities as follows:

Co-ordinates and directs financial planning, procurement or investment activities of all or part of the company Develops internal control policies, guidelines and procedures for activities such as budget administration, cash and credit management.

Prepares or directs preparation of business activity reports, financial position forecast, annual budgets and /or reports required by regulatory agencies.

Advises management on short term and long term financial objectives, policies and actions. Analyzes the financial details of past, present and expected operations in order to identify development opportunities and areas where improvement is needed.

Delegates authority for banking, protection and custody of funds, securities and financial instruments. Develops and maintains relationships with banking, insurance and non-organizational financial personnel in order to facilitate financial activities.

Monitors financial activities and details such as reserve levels to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met.

Keeps a record of shares of the listed companies in the Stock Market and observes movement of the share prices, purchases and sales. Ensures that the company's cash flow is adequate to allow it to operate effectively.

Creates solutions to new challenges by applying financial/treasury knowledge. Evaluates proposed projects to ensure that they are beneficial to the company.

Candidates should have experience in treasury management (cash & cash flow) also be able to assist in the effective implementation of all financial planning, budgeting, procurement or investment activities of all or part of the company and to implement an effective and efficient day to day treasury control system, administration, reporting system and transfer of skills in all related areas.

Salary: Protected content + housing, transportation, schooling, etc.
Forward your resume to: Protected content with REF # Protected content

All the best,
Yogesh Pagar

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