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imagine | design | cre8 (Doha)

Graphic design is all around us. If you take a moment to notice design in the objects around you, you'll see that someone put thought into making them both functional and appealing. A quick survey of almost any room, city block or town square will reveal several examples of graphic designers' work.

Professionals in graphic design jobs influence how we perceive the world using colours, illustrations, photos and fonts.

Look at a book or magazine, go to a coffee shop, or take a drive. When you do, you'll encounter graphic design. From company logos, to road signs, to product packaging, design is an integral part of modern life.

A keen eye for detail and the aptitude for choosing the right fonts, colours and lines to create a balanced composition, while simultaneously conveying meaning, is complicated.

imagine | design | cre8 has artistic sensibility, proven technical and organisational skills and the ability to communicate well.

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