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Considering moving to DR - SO many questions! (Dominican Republic)

I apologize in advance if my questions have been asked - at the moment I am simply overwhelmed trying to research on the internet (and having just joined am overwhelmed trying to figure out how to navigate this website! lol).

I just recently found myself unemployed unexpectedly and received a package from my employer. One of the options I'm now considering is pursuing a long-time dream of moving to the DR. I have traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Central America and it seems like the DR is the best all around option. I am a single mother with an 8 year old which complicates the decision somewhat. I would be looking to either (a) buy a rental property like a 4-plex where we could live in one unit and rent the other units for income, likely on a weekly basis; OR (b) buy a single family residence in which case I would need some income from a job either in the area or remotely via the internet.

1. LOCATION: Where would be the best place to live? Priorities are: close to the beach; safe; low price real estate; close to shops/restaurants; child friendly; and good school options. I have been looking at real estate on various websites and found lots of great prices but not sure I'm looking in the right area. There seems to be lots of reasonable options in Sosua.

2. SCHOOLS: How much would it cost for my son to attend school at an international school (we are both learning Spanish but he at this point primarily speaks English)?

3. JOBS: I have a university degree and a solid work history as a professional. What kind of jobs are available and what would the salary range be?

4. HEALTH CARE: Do you actually need a health care plan or is medical care affordable without a plan?

5. COST OF LIVING: My research thusfar suggests that an expat could live comfortably for around $500 to $900 per month (assuming owning a paid for home and therefore no rent). Is this actually realistic?

I would very much appreciate any input on any or all of these issues. :)

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