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looking for family name ABU DAHER -URGENT HELP REQ (Dominican Republic)

URGENT HELP NEEDED - Does any person know a family surname of Lebanese Origins ABU DAHER. Protected content family's great, great grandfather's name is Youssef Iskandar ABU DAHER, who is deceased. Protected content wife is either Celia or Cecila who is deceased. They bother passed away long time ago in Lebanon. I need to find their great grand kids who live in Dominican Republic somewhere. Does any person know of this family name? Protected content is very possible they may have changed it slightly to similar names such as ABI DAHER, ABU DAHEY, ABI DAHEY or just DAHER OR DAHEY. Protected content father arrives in DR on Wednesday he is staying in a hotel in Santo Domingo to try and extract this family location through the Birth's Registrar Office, Electorate Roll, Lebanese Maronite Church, Lebanese Community Organisations. Does any person know any contacts of any of these organisations. Phone number and emails would be very much appreciated in order to action something before Wednesday 16 September 09.
The Dominican Republic Embassy in Sydney mentioned he felt the next city after Santo Domingo populated with lebanese people is Santiago. I don't know how true that would be but it is a lead.
Thank you.
Rita Ayoub
Sydney Australia
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