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Sosua q&a (Dominican Republic)

Just testing the waters really. Might have a job opportunity arise in sosua so just after some general info. Housing and a car is provided for sure, though other details will be clarified once the discussion gets rolling with the prospective employer if we get that far.

We're a couple in late 20's/early 30's, we're both quite familiar with DR (I've been back and forth for the past 10 years or so), but only really on the south side of the island. I've been to Puerto Plata once for a long weekend. The lifestyle and security issues don't bother me in the slightest and I'm quite convinced I have a relatively good grasp on what we are to expect.

We enjoy an active lifestyle, but come over predominantly to work and get our careers moving. Some things I can't seem to find covered elsewhere so here it goes.

Cost of living, shopping local produce and topping up with whatever is not available with imported goods, any ideas on a food budget? Are petrol prices fluctuating greatly atm? I can happily survive without comfort foods and products from home or overseas. I'll even happily fish for my own dinner if its feasible.

Social activities, is it hard for a non spanish speaker? I've met alot of Dominicans and it seems to me that English skills fluctuate almost on a class basis..Mine is rudimentary but tends to improve as I stay in DR and I'm sure I could pick up alot more conversational spanish in a short time, my partner however does not have this benefit..and we already live in a situation where I act as a's tiresome. the work situation does not require spanish btw.

Anyone on here live in Sosua who could share some experiences? Positive or negative, I don't mind. Trying to get a clear picture to take with us during this little adventure.

Any thoughts or input greatly appreciated.

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