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Wanting to spend 1-2 years in the Dominican Rep. (Dominican Republic)

I'm a 48 y.o American man, and would like to spent Protected content living in the Dom. Rep. I love traveling and adventure, and since nothing's tying me down, I feel eager to pursue such an opportunity. I've been doing some research about working and/or just volunteering, in the DR, and am trying to get a better idea of what's realistic and what's not.

It's still very unclear to me about how to legally work in the DR. Somewhere I read that there's "no such thing" as a work visa for the DR, and that any visa automatically permits one to work there. I then looked at the DR Consulate's website, and it shows that there are different types of visas, including a visitor visa, and a business visa. Yet I get the idea that a "business" visa is more for somebody who wants to start his/her own business there, rather than for one who just wants a little job to earn extra money.

I've heard that there are lots of English-teaching jobs in the DR, and that's one opportunity I'm seeking. I'm really hoping to find a teaching assistant job -- basically any English-teaching job that doesn't require child behavior management or discipline (everybody has weaknesses, and that's MY weakness). Most other teaching duties are among my strengths.
I'm not trying to get rich, and I have other financial resources. Thus, it doesn't matter much is the job is low-paying, as long as it's something that I do well, and helps others.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback/info that you may have regarding this. Thanks.

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