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Cost of Living in Dublin

Hi everyone!

My girlfriend and I are considering moving to Ireland. I am half American, half Irish (I have loads of family in Ireland, just not in Dublin), my girlfriend is half American, half German. So immigration is a non-issue. My question(s) concern the cost of living there. There was a similar thread back in Protected content , but I thought I'd bring it up again.

We're moving from the northeast U.S. which is a fairly expensive part of the country. I know it's more expensive in Ireland as reflected in many cost of living indexes online. But I'm just wondering how far my money would go there. Or perhaps it's better up in Belfast (I realize it's a different country and different economy).

I'm a software engineer and don't think I'd have a terrible time finding a job. My girlfriend has a degree in International Business and currently does procurement for a global medical devices company. So we're looking for a Protected content apartment in or near the city center. For quality of life, imagine one that of a young couple (trips, pub life, etc).

How far is my money going to go? How are her job prospects? I might be able to find a job for 60k for so (I hope). I've lived in Germany before but that was before the Euro, so I don't have my head wrapped around how valuable that is.

Thanks for all your help!

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