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Experience in Ireland (Dublin)

Hello everyone!

I just moved to Dublin and have to conduct a research for the company about expats and it would be great if you could help me out!

It would be extremely helpful if you can answers the following questions and also put your age in there and tell me about your experience in Ireland (tips and tricks are also always welcome)

Thanks a lot!

- What surprised you about Ireland?
- What do you think of the Irish people?
- What do you think of living here versus living abroad (country of origin)
- After the time you’ve been here, what would you change in Ireland?
- What do you miss the most from back home?
- What are you looking for regarding the future of Ireland?
- Are you nervous about a situation in Ireland?
- Do you still read newspapers hard copy or mostly online, what other kind of media do you use?
- Do you follow any bloggers or other people that might influence your opinion?
- Who is your idol and why?

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