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irishexecutives buesiness competition (Dublin)

nspire Ireland Competition: over €150,000 in prizes.. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Inspire Ireland Competition: organized by Irish Executives network with In-kind Prizes worth over €150,000, AND first 58 entries automatically entitled to prizes worth € Protected content !

The exciting news was shared with Irish Executives members by Pascal Derrien, a core member of the Irish Executive network, Governance and Leadership team.

As announced at the summit in Galway earlier this year, we are extremely proud to launch the ``Inspire Ireland Competition`` online today on our network, with our members.

The purpose of this competition is to encourage Irish Executive network members in Ireland and abroad to develop an INSPIRING BUSINESS IDEA that will result in WEALTH CREATION and JOBS in Ireland - contribute to a better Ireland.

The scope is broad and can include anything you believe would be inspiring to make for a better Ireland. Topics could include business, education, social, community, tourism, international brand, how the Irish Executives community could collaborate to help Ireland recover, etc.

The Competition is open to members of Irish Executives LinkedIn group only
More details : Protected content Protected content

The campaign media launch is coming soon and we would like to ask you to make some NOISE about this competition - feel free to post, share, tweet, use Facebook but most mportantly share this announcement on your LinkedIn profile for the duration of the competition or as long as you can (edit profile, post update) - help us make this competition both viral and viable, for the competition winners and their ideas to improve Ireland's country"s economic, social and cultural outlook!

We are definitely differentiating ourselves as a group by our offline & online activities and there's a lot more where that came from!

In the meantime, Pascal, the Irish Executive network board and members appreciate your support in broadcasting this inspiring initiative.


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