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US small electric appliances in EU? (110-220volts) (Dublin)


Hope nobody minds me posting this sort of question here, but I'm thinking maybe I can get some advice from people who brought small electric appliances with them from Unites States into UK/Ireland.

I brought a high-voltage expensive blender ( Vitamix Pro Protected content me from the US ( among other things: bread machine etc ) before realizing how large of a voltage converter it requires in order to be used in Ireland. ( because of its huge watts power )
Since I have a very small kitchen I would like to perhaps sell them ( e.g. on eBay ) and buy the 220volts version of them, but of course the postage to US would be quite expensive.
Has anyone dealt with a similar issue?
Contacting manufacturers for a switch or replacement of the electrical base is not a solution it seems, so what is it to do when stuck with such devices?

Thanks so much!

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