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Living (Khobar (Eastern Prov.))

I have a question, I live and work in Iceland. Born and raised in Boston, Ma. I work for Alcoa producing aluminum. For the past two months we had a group of men come here and train in various departments of the factory. They will be working for the company Maaden which is building an aluminum smelter in Saudi Arabia. I have had the pleasure of training, and becoming great friends with the guys in my section. My wife and I have been contemplating moving there and working for Maaden, and hopefully working the same people I trained. My question is how good is it living there being an american...or a foreigner for that matter. I just want the best for my wife and kids.

The people I trained (my friends) told me my salary would be muchhhhhh higher, and the living is easier, friendly people, no worries. Any thoughts or advice on this?

Christopher Shaddock