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Syria: Urgent - please pray for Aleppo (Khobar (Eastern Prov.))


"Please continue to pray for the people who still live in Syria's second city Aleppo."

That's the urgent message from an Open Doors specialist who is monitoring events in Syria.

"Since last week aircrafts have pounded several parts of Aleppo and surroundings with fierce bombardments," he explained. "They mostly target the areas occupied by opposition forces, these areas are mainly inhabited with Muslims, as most Christians live in Government controlled areas."

Ironically, the bombardments started just after the latest round of peace talks for Syria began. Because of the attacks, the talks were postponed till later this month.

In the meantime many thousands of Syrians are fleeing the ancient city and massing at the Turkish border.

"Tens of thousands of Syrians from Aleppo fled the past days to the Turkish border north of the city," reported our source. "Pray that they will find a safe place to stay."

The Christian population of Aleppo has also been vastly reduced, but most Christians fled earlier in the war. Before the war Open Doors estimate that there were some 250,000 Christians, now there are less than 40,000.

Open Doors works with several churches of different denominations in Aleppo to support the remaining Christians in the city. Hundreds of families receive food packages, medical treatments and other relief materials. Please continue to pray for our work and for safety for those who seek to help others.

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