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Try Underwater Hockey in Khobar now ! (Khobar (Eastern Prov.))

I'm new to Saudi Arabia and to Khobar, and I'm trying to start this amazing water sport called underwater hockey here in Khobar (absolutely no money in it for me, instead, I help finance starting it).

If you like snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving; I guarantee that you'll enjoy this sport like no other. Do your friends that like like snorkeling, swimming or diving a favor by passing this message to them. To get a flavor of the sport, look at tournament underwater hockey videos on youtube, elsewhere on the net, or check this facebook page that I setup when starting the sport in Egypt for informative info, pictures & videos:
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There's an optimistic hope to start the sport here in Khobar during the upcoming eid holiday; a short notice to get things done, yet an excellent chance for those staying in during this time.

There are a number of essential small & important tasks that need to happen first, and I can't do them all alone; for which we need one or more volunteers to do each of the following (REPLY with which number you can help with or do alone), starting with the easiest tasks first:

Individually, please express your interest and availability to play this game in Khobar & state will it be during eid holiday and / or beyond (provide at least an email address to reach you on). Each player will need to bring their own: Mask, snorkel, fins and one glove for the hand that you'd hold the stick with. If you're missing an item, please say so here and likely someone can lend it to you.

We need one communication person / point to keep interested players contact info and confirm practice/game times and place as soon as known

We need to make 2 goals that would stay at the pool floor on each end, 3 meters wide. Initially they could be 4 heavy little objects like 4 pieces of lead from a weight belt, and 2 pieces of a wide ribbon 3.5 meters long to connect the weights and become goals.

Secure access of us players to part of a swimming pool in or around khobar, for 2 or more lanes, between 1 and 2 hours long. Preferably for free but if there's a cost find out for how much. Let's say every other day during eid week, then once a week after eid. Some cost might be needed here, shared by all, unless we get the pool for free.

It anyone knows of a low cost Carpenter or plastic shop, please advise these shops contact info.
We'd get cost and time quotes for making about 20 u/w hockey sticks from an u/w hockey stick (I'm providing), prototype made out of wood or a plastic mold; find the lowest cost then get commitments of contributions from players towards this cost; only after the total amount is committed, collection would start (1/2 the money paid to the shop upfront & the other half on completion)

Also we'll need a puck (I'm providing), intro and training (I'm providing), ensure everything happens when and as they need to happen (with your help, I'll do).

Let us know here whether you'd like to give it a try during eid holiday or afterwards, and/or can help with some of the required actions above.



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