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KILTR - The Network for Scots everywhere (Edinburgh)

You don't have to live in Scotland, and you don't have to be a Scot; if you want to join KILTR, you can join now by simply registering at the KILTR.COM website

KILTR - Made in Scotland from electrons.

Scottish people have always looked overseas for prosperity. That's why there are roughly seven times as many people of Scottish descent living outside Scotland (the Scottish diaspora) as there are living in Scotland, and more people still who just share an affection for, or a connection to, Scotland.

Now there is the technology to bring them all together, to harness their energy and skills for creating opportunities.

KILTR is a Scottish start-up, financed by the Scottish Seed Fund and private venture capital, and run by two entrepreneurs whose friendship goes back to student days. They're supported by a group of can-do partners, sponsors and associates - businesses and individuals with the vision and contacts to help KILTR reach out to the Scottish diaspora and beyond.

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