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Sulaymaniyah activity (Erbil)


Hi all Dears anybody here in Sulaymaniyah I would like to build a big Group here its will be great. Ladies and Gentlemen lets see all your suggestion and your comments .and maybe become the easy way to arranging an Event in Sulaymaniyah in future.
. but I would like to see anyone here would like to build a group here to exchange Ideas and cultures and to find anew an friends from all over world? .
In general there is no any activity in Sulaymaniyah I am I was attending the events that held in Erbil since September Protected content meet people from all over world the event arranging every month there are many peoples in Erbil from many nationalities to meet them but her in Sulaymaniyah there are a few members who residence or live in Sulaymaniyah we need to build a group and stay in touch probably the way that help us in future to arrange an officials InterNation Events in Sulaymaniayh . or any activity . I think in there are many people living Sulaymaniyah from another nationality . its belong to our activity how to invite International friends to Internation . I know there is a few number but we try to arrange a small activities. or to arrange a small meeting .thanks
Ahmad Zoher

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