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Botswana in General (Gaborone)

Hi everyone,

I may have chnace to be posted at Turkish Embassy in Botswana. But I have many questions in my mind. I did some research about the country, for short visit she seems perfect but I wil be in country for 2 to 3 years if i am posted.

How is life in city? When i checked the Gaborone forum, it seems there are some criminal activities but it seems rather low compared to other african countries. I am married and my wife will not work and I dont want to worry about her while i am at work.

What about diseases? I heard there are many people with HIV. I dont think it will be a big problem unless i go to hospital. Is it possible to store my own blood in a hospital or blood bank?

I heard that there is electricity 7/24 and tap water is ok to drink. What about internet situation?

I have a small Maltese Terrier. I think there are veterinarians in capital but is there any pet shop to buy stuff for it?

I did not want to insult or humiliate anyone if you think there is something offensive.

Thanks already for your answers.

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