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film maker job and living in Gaborone

Hi everyone,

I am a Dutch film maker (corporate) thinking of moving to Botswana. I am living and working in Ghana but looking for an opportunity elsewhere.
But, I have never been to Botswana. Would someone be open to answer some of my questions concerning Gaborone?
-what city can you compare it to?
-how are living conditions? Lots of traffic?
-Is it easy to find a job there as an expat?
-How are mixed couples received, since I would be coming with my Ghanaian boyfriend..?
-Would it be possible for young skillfull Dutch and Ghanaian with lots of work experience to find a job?
-What is GREAT about living in Botswana and what is NOT SO great?
-Has anyone an idea on the media world there? I have been making many corporate videos but also work at a TV station.

If you have any answers-oponions I would be happy!


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