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In need of inspiring meeting locations (Gent)

Hey Friends

I need help, advice

i'm looking for an interesting location in Brussels, Antwerp and Gent.
I'm having meet ups for my new startup ( crowdfund consulting agency), in slots of one hour with different experts ( digitals, marketeers, growth hackers, product designers, bloggers, press, CEOs,...)

We want something out of the box.
A cool house/ loft, botanical garden, fishing club, rowing club, a place in nature. Something that inspires creativity, relationships, show beauty (view, nature, openness)

Option 1: exciting facility, there is already a funky healthy bar, table, chairs, internet.
Option 2: There's nothing, we bring the table and chairs but "we are allowed" to sit there.
Option 3: Somebody at internationsl has a cool place him/herself or office and don’t mind interesting people sitting there during 1 day. ( We are clean, polite, respectful)

tx for taking the time to read this, please be so kind to help us with your advice

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Offers from our Partners
Offers from our Partners
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