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Yoga in Gent!!


I just moved to Gent last week - I really like the city so far but I am still trying to find a few things I really like to have in my life:

1. I need some friends here - if you love to do yoga, zumba, have beer & dinner, or go salsa dancing...or just wanna meet someone new to town shoot me a text

2. Yoga: I used to do a type of Hot Vinyasa yoga that I really miss. I found a hot yoga studio (bit pricy) that would work, but it's straight Bikram an I would enjoy a little more variety, so any suggestions on Yoga studios would be greatly welcome

3. Salsa: I used to do lots of social dancing. So I would love to find a group that goes to dance just for fun, and if you know about some classes where I could develop a little further (some advanced classes, styling) that would be awesome too

4. Zumba/Pilates/Bokwa/spinning: I am not picky in my exercise, I am just looking for a studio with a decent group exercise schedule where I can put in a few cardio-classes!

5. I also still need an insurance plan, cell phone (preferably iPhone), and an apartment - any suggestions on those from people who came here before would be extremely welcome!

and hope to hear from many of you

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