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Culture shock. (Guadalajara)

Hey! I'm Dagný and I'm a 21 year old girl from Iceland. I just stumbled upon this site when searching for informations about culture shock and don't really know how this website works. But I'm currently working as a volunteer in Zapopan in an Albergue with kids. I have been here for about two months and I don't live with a family but a german girl, so I think it's difficult to get really into the mexican society. Unfortunately my spanish is really bad as well, so it's hard to get to know the Mexicans that well. But at least it's a bit better than my first day when I could only communicate with "Hola amigo!" haha.
But the thing is that when browsing through the internet about culture shock I found out that I'm on "stage two" and I have a really difficult time analyzing my feelings and understand why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling some days.

I just wanted to know if somebody is going through the same things or have gone through it?


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