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Due to move - Need Information on grocieries (Guadalajara)

Hi Everyone,

I am due to move to GDL to work in a tech company there as an expat. Based on my research on numbeo and other online portals, I would need around Protected content a month on groceries (for 2 people). However, the organization I am going to work for have given me an estimate closer to Protected content Protected content (for two).

It would be great if anyone can share how much they spend on groceries a month (Indian expats in GDL are particularly welcome for the information)

My calculations are as follows.

Milk, 300
Bread/Flour, 750
Rice, 30
Eggs, 300
Oil/Butter/Cheese, 300
Vegetables, Protected content
Fruits, 750
Pulses, 30
Snacks, 300
Dry Fruits, 150
Beverages, 300
Meat/Poultry, 390
Spices, 90
Sugar/Salt, 90
Misc, 300
--------- Protected content
Total, Protected content

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