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Guadalajara Activities

Hello to everyone:
besides our monthly Get-Togethers, we had much more ideas about InterNations Activities in and around Guadajara. Let´s use this thread to discuss and coordinate special events! After having made up a choice we will pubslih all events in the event calendar, of course.
So come on and follow the discussion......

so far....

.....Florian promised to invite us to the "Noche de Lasagna", demostrating us his grand abilities as a chef!!! We are all looking forward to it!

.....Wendy offered to coordinate a visit to the "Filarmonica".

.....Victor would like to coordinate a trip to a lovely place "Santa Maria del Oro"

....y Francisco is thinking about organizing one day a longer trip to "Chiapas".

Tell us about your ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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