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Moving to Guadalajara a good Idea?


I have just been offered a job in Guadalajara and on the one hand I am really glad but on the other hand you hear all this scary stories about Mexico so I am not sure about if I should accept the offer or not.

The thing is, that I also would need to visit customers in other Mexican cities like Monterrey , Queretaro or San Luis de Posito. So I will have to travel around a lot and even have to drive alone by car sometimes.

I speak Spanish fluently because I lived in Spain for a year.

A lot of people tell me I would be crazy to move to Mexico I am a 25 year old woman and would move together with my husband.

One thing I really do not want to is to have to sit inside every evening after work and do nothing because it would be to dangerous to go to the gym or visit friends even if my husband would fetch me from the place.

I would be grateful for any advice!

Thanks in advance

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