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Re-locating to Mex:please share insights (Guadalajara)

It doesn’t look like this forum gets read that often, but can’t hurt to try. I am an American from Seattle thinking to retire in Mexico and so have come down here to tour some possible places. I started in Guadalajara, where I will end up again Jan. 11 to fly out. I am now in Queretaro until Tuesday the 30th, then likely heading to San Luis Potosi for a couple days. From there, I’m not sure—either Aguacalientes or Guanajuato. Also want to hit San Miguel on this trip. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone reading this resides in one of those places (or GDL) and would be willing to correspond and possibly meet with me during my trip, I’d be thrilled. I’ve read some of the lit about moving here but nothing really substitutes for a first-hand look-see, which can help prompt questions you wouldn’t otherwise think of. I’m certainly happy to provide more info about myself and desires, as well, as otherwise, it’s understandable folks may be leery about sharing with a total stranger.

Thanks in advance to anyone considering sharing your time and insights.

-Tom C.

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