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Can you check my translation? (Guangzhou)

Below is a Chinese translation that I came up with to be put on a website. The original information is below it in French along with an English translation. I was wondering if someone could take a quick look to see if the Chinese makes sense, thank you.



A écrire en chinois :
Vous êtes une entreprise chinoise et vous cherchez à comprendre la culture occidentale pour mieux vous développer à l'international.
- nous organisons par des occidentaux des missions de conseil ou de sensibilisation de votre personnel.
- nous pouvons vous accompagner dans vos déplacements en Europe ou aux Etats-Unis.

You are a Chinese company and you want to understand Western culture better to expand internationally.
- We organize consulting and awareness seminars for you staff, held by westerners.
- We can assist you in your travels in Europe or the United States.

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