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" iphone5 Rumors " (Guangzhou)

iPhone 5 Rumors :

The extreme demand of the Apple products make many people desperately waiting for Apple to officially launch the iPhone 5. There are many rumors about the upcoming phone and it is said that the device will change the way of artificial intelligence. Some of projected ideas about this device are:

1. Upgraded Camera: The iPhone 5 is said to have a stunning clarity of pictures with its 12MP auto focus camera. The camera ring will be reduced in its diameter and will have the ability to capture crystal clear pictures and Full HD Protected content .

2. Ultra Thin Design: The iPhone 5 concept device will be thin and light in weight. The device will be ultra slim and easy to handle. It is said that the iPhone5 will be nearly 40% more slim that the current iPhone.

3. Holographic Display: Some say that the phone will be having one of the most exceptional Holographic Display. This will allow viewing movies, or pictures or simple net surfing can be done with virtual projection screen. The display will be Protected content HD in resolution.

4. Projector keyboard: People anticipate that there will be a projected keyboard that will allow the user to access it and type with a virtual keyboard which will appear on the desk or table where the device will be kept. The keyboard will be much more easy to use and allows faster typing speed. Some complain now about the size and difficulties involved in typing.

5. Zero Reflection Screen: The iPhone 5 will have the screen that will not have an annoying reflection at all. The display will be coated with special anti reflecting thin screens that will cut down reflection more than LCD panels.

6. Dual camera with 8MP: The iPhone 5 will have dual camera like any other phone today, but the difference will be that the front camera will be 8MP, unlike the one that have 2MP.
Hopefully we'll know more as announcements come in. Don't forget that you can recycle your older mobile devices and help those in need as well as the environment.

The active iPhone family includes the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. These phones are supported on the big cellular networks of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint as well as others. The active Android family is larger because Android is a Linux-based software Operating System (OS) for mobile devices including smartphones and tablet computers. The Android OS is maintained by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. The current Android OS named Gingerbread runs on a wide variety of cell phones and other devices.

How much these rumors are true we will see ,when it will available in the Guangzhou Market .........
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