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Mandarin School in The Canton Place, Liede, Tianhe (Guangzhou)

We are one professional Mandarin School in Canton Place, Liede, Tianhe, Guangzhou. We offer classes below,
1. Daily Life Chinese;
2. Intermediate & Advanced Chinese; 3. Business Chinese;
4. HSK;
5. Kid’s Chinese;
6. Cantonese Protected content
If you or your friend have interest, appreciate for contacting us. **************************** Protected content
1. 日常汉语
2. 中、高级汉语
3. 商务汉语
4. HSK培训(中文水平等级考试培训)
5. 少儿汉语
6. 广东话 Protected content
Add.: 2nd floor, T27 Building, Canton Place, Haiqing Road, Liede, Tianhe. (天河猎德海清路凯旋新世界枫丹丽舍T27二层)
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